Our Dealer Group – Securitor


We operate a privately owned and run business, and we are not employees of Securitor or any company in the Westpac Group.

As your adviser, we strive to provide you with quality advice as well as the personalised service that is usually associated with a small business.

However, Securitor remains responsible for the quality of advice provided by us under Securitor’s AFSL. This means Securitor provides significant support and supervision, with the aim of ensuring you receive quality financial planning advice.

Securitor requires its Authorised Representatives to complete external assessments and annual training programs to maintain knowledge. As an Authorised Representative, we are also subject to regular reviews from experienced compliance professionals, who assess the quality of our advice.

Securitor provides extensive resources and dedicated teams to support us, including technical experts in areas such as superannuation and retirement planning.


Established in 1986 by two advisers with a passion for delivering high quality financial advice, Securitor has been helping Australians meet their financial and lifestyle goals for over 25 years. Today, Securitor supports more than 450 financial advisers nationally and has developed a reputation for dedicated service and outstanding advice.

Securitor has a long and proud history and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asgard Wealth Solutions Limited ABN 28 009 143 597, which is a subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 (“Westpac”).

Securitor holds an AFSL issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and is a Professional Partner of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

As an Authorised Representative, we act on behalf of Securitor when providing the financial services we are authorised to provide under Securitor’s AFSL. Further information on these services is set out in the Adviser Profile.

As the holder of an AFSL, Securitor is responsible for the financial services we provide to you.

Why choose a Securitor Financial Adviser?

Securitor has a long history of helping Australians reach their financial and lifestyle goals.


The Westpac Group includes a number of companies that provide financial services, funds management, insurance, superannuation, investment and administrative services.

The Westpac Group includes Advance Asset Management Ltd, Asgard Capital Management Ltd (‘Asgard’), Ascalon Capital Managers Ltd, St. George Life Ltd, BT Funds Management Ltd, BT Funds Management No.2 Ltd, BT Portfolio Services Ltd, BT Securities Ltd, BT (Queensland) Pty Ltd, BT Life Ltd, Westpac, Westpac Life Insurance Services Ltd, Westpac Securities Administration Ltd, Westpac General Insurance Ltd, Westpac Securities Ltd, Westpac Financial Services Ltd, Westpac Funds Management Ltd, Hastings Fund Management Ltd and other entities bearing the ‘Westpac’, ‘St.George’, ‘BT’ and ‘Asgard’ names.

The Westpac Group provides staff and other services to support both Securitor and us. Asgard and BT are the preferred administration platforms for Securitor, and some of the support tools Securitor provides to its financial advisers are tailored to support the use of Asgard’s and BT’s products.


Securitor has an extensive Approved Product List which includes some Westpac Group products as well as products from other companies. This means we are not limited to recommending Westpac Group products when choosing an appropriate product for you. All products on the Approved Product List are supported by research from external and/or internal research experts.

Securitor has established a Risk Partner Program with various life insurance underwriters, which provides support and resources to Securitor’s Authorised Representatives to assist them in the delivery of life insurance advice.

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