Our Values


We will maintain the highest standards of ethical and moral probity with our clients, our associates and indeed anyone with whom we do business. We operate on a basis of full and complete disclosure, combined with the motivation of our clients’ best interests. Satisfied clients are the result of our commitment to providing outstanding customer service and care. We are dedicated to identifying those issues which are most important to our clients and dealing with those issues carefully and sensitively.


We are committed to the constant increase in not just our knowledge of all relevant financial, legal, economic and taxation issues, but also of our understanding of the most beneficial application of this knowledge to our clients’ situations.

We retain and review the best advice available from our team of network partners such as solicitors and CPA’s for the benefit of our clients. We provide solutions to our clients based on the fusion of perspectives of legal, taxation and investment experts. This approach means that needs and objectives are being met thoroughly and that all relevant issues are being identified.


We cannot rely on how things have been done in the past. In line with our vision, we strive to develop the best possible strategies to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients’ financial challenges. In a rapidly evolving legislative and economic environment, traditional solutions alone are simply not enough.


When working with IOA, our clients are assured of absolute privacy and confidentiality. Both virtual and tangible files are protected by state-of-the-art security. Under no circumstances will third parties have access to any client’s information without express written authority from that client.

Most importantly, we will always conduct ourselves in a manner deserving of our clients’ complete trust and confidence. We will use every resource at our disposal to keep our clients informed and protected, because we understand the very private and sensitive nature of the relationships we have with our clients.