Every home owner insures their home. In fact, many people count the family home as their most valuable asset. While bricks and mortar represent significant assets on a balance sheet, your greatest asset is in fact your ability to earn an income. It is your income that provides the means to support your lifestyle and to generate wealth.

As well as protecting your ability to earn an income, we recommend that you protect the assets that you accumulate throughout your career and into retirement. Most of us know family or friends who have experienced a major trauma. Even though it may have been a temporary setback, the capacity for recovery is always enhanced when income continues to flow in to meet medical and living expenses.

Similarly, an unexpected death can place enormous pressure on loved ones or business partners left with a significant debt, which could otherwise have been cleared with the proceeds of a life policy. If your asset base does not provide the necessary capital in the event of the unforeseen, adequate insurance protection against these events is crucial.

While car and home insurance are relatively straightforward, personal risk cover can be complex, with many different options and levels of cover to choose from. We can help you decide which cover is right for you and what issues you need to consider. For example, which family members would you insure? When does it make sense to insure a non-working spouse? How should the benefits of any payment be distributed? What benefits are available within your superannuation scheme? What are the tax implications of taking out insurance?

If you own a business we can also review your business insurance needs. For example, is there ‘key person’ protection in place for the business owners and managers? Are the business assets and stock adequately insured against theft and damage?

Your adviser has the ability to source the best possible cover against loss of income, death, trauma and disablement for individuals and businesses.

We are committed to working with clients to attentively identify their specific needs and provide the most appropriate risk control and insurance management solution.

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